Friday, October 24, 2008

Obama Will Destroy the American Restaurant Industry?

Hank Williams, Jr. is not only ready for some football, he's ready for Election Day! He's been stumping with Palin and doesn't believe any polls, even Fox News'. It's worth watching this whole 4-minute clip from Fox News, but the best part is at the end, when Hank makes the rather novel attack that an Obama victory will destroy the American restaurant industry as we know it. Neil Cavuto's response is priceless. And why did Hank choose to wear a Steelers' Joey Porter jersey? That is, in fact, the absolute last jersey that I would imagine he'd wear. Well, except for maybe #22.

And for those that have not seen it, here's part of Hank's stump performance. It's just kinda surreal.

And what's with the choice in jerseys again? Who wears #96 for the Redskins? Was this left over from a stump speech for Bob Dole? Couldn't they at least get the man a jersey that says 08? Or whatever number Riggins wore?

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